Matt tells Zach he’s less than Jeremy and he will toss Zach out of the nest if need be since Jeremy is fully supporting himself now . The entire time she is lecturing him, she is making him a sandwich and this lecture ends with Amy noting that he needs to man up. Matt wants Zach to learn that Matt is always right and should have his ass kissed more often by Zach. Matt notes he did it so Zach could learn to reach for the stars like Matt and not be a loser. Zach notes how he’s 21 and its time he wore clean clothes.

Apparently aren't someone's daughters so Matt doesn't care! I would be more upset if American Idol hadn’t started to suck. He demands Zach explain how a career in soccer will be monetized. They rent trikes and race and it feels staged since yeah, its all in front of the cameras. Zach notes that people stare and she needs to be strong etc etc. Matt uses the moment to embarrass Zach and hay bales how he’s glad Zach is finally plowing some fields and being more like Jeremy. Zach is going to look for work with the Portland Timbers. Amy hay bales how people will say no to him because he’s a little person.

I sit through Toddlers and Tiaras where Brock, a boy, is prancingly delighted at how he won both King and Queen Taco Grand Supreme at the ball. I imagine its as likely as photography being lucrative, Matt. There’s a clearly forced discussion with Jake, in a resteraunt, saying “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DATING TORI! Really, I know the Roloffs are often willfully dumb, but they live in the same house. Considering how incredibly important Zach dating has been, perhaps he decided to get with the program to get Mom and Dad off his back? Amy chides Zach about how the job at Indoor Goals is crap and he needs to be more like Jeremy. He wants to get his foot in the door but doesn’t seem to know how.

Then I realize that the family show Little People Big World is airing at 9pm here. Does everyone know that photographers average about 30k per year? I always knew when my brother and sister had new boy friends. I kind of get the vibe through out this entire episode that Matt and Amy see Tori as a passing fancy. I’m really unsure why dead end job and unrealistic career goals is less acceptable than no job and unrealistic career goals but I’m sure someone will tell me. Zach hay bales how in fact his childhood was rather protected. Zach goes on and on about girls and soccer and soccer and girls and passing the ball. Zach, to be fair, actually looks like he’s been showering. Zach notes that Tori is way out of his league They store his crap in the barn.

Makes you wonder how Jer-Bear will buy himself a million dollar house like Matt. Amy goes on and on about how Zach is too comfortable and needs to get moving and set goals. It’s a nice change Matt and Zach go to the go kart track.

#zandtpartyofthree #weekendidos #beating50percent." "Two years ago I said 'I do' to the man of my dreams," Tori added on her own account.

"It's been a crazy year with getting preggo, teaching, filming, sully passing, road trips, the perfect baby Jackson being born ;) Excited to keep doing life with you and the journey we are on! I notice we haven’t gotten any hay bales from Tori. Zach gets a special uniform and gets instructed on what to do. This is what every young couple wants, cameras on a date Zach goes on how he’s in love. As in, gosh the Portland Timbers are awfully accommodating and gosh funny how Matt had time in his very busy schedule to attend the game Zach was interning at even though it all seemed to go down at last minute. Zach works, and fills out paper work and soccer is played. Which is odd because it doesn’t seem like the game was over. Matt and Amy struggle to motivate him to move forward in life, but it's the arrival of a new girlfriend that changes Zach's life in immeasurable ways. I also bet Matt will not in any way attempt to suggest that Molly should be out "plowing fields" as she is a perfect little princess, and those girls with Zach and Jeremy? Honestly, if I was a Hoarders: Buried Alive fan, I would be totally mad about how LPBW took their late night spot. And they’re running the special against American Idol and the football playoffs? We start with indoor soccer and then we’re in Matt’s office. Matt hay bales how soccer isn’t a long term career. I am willing to bet actual cash money that we get Matt at some point hay baling how he was a stud at Zach's age and is glad that Zach is finally getting with the program and sowing his seed. ) and I switch back to TLC and dear god the show still isn’t on. I really don’t think this was a job interview at all. "This last year has been amazing and heart breaking all at the same time and I am so thankful for the man who stood by my side. " Two years ago today I said "I do" to the man of my dreams.