Blige gave Isaacs ,000 in August and ,000 in September for spousal support, in addition to ,000 for his legal counsel.

Blige's estranged husband is demanding $130,000 in monthly spousal support so that he can continue to live the 'lavish' lifestyle he enjoyed before she filed for divorce.

Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs, 49, believes the R&B songstress should help him pay for his personal training sessions, private chef and a $1,000 allowance for new clothes.

The filing states that Isaacs made $46,204 a month when he was employed by his wife, and earned a total of $554,465 last year as her manager.

But Isaacs, who claims to have $4.5million in assets, said he now needs spousal support because his financial situation has 'changed significantly in the last 12 months', court papers state.

Reportedly, the A-lister would bring the budding songstress to red carpets, events, and TV appearances in order to build the up-and-comer's profile. Apparently, Isaacs would say the "most negative shit" before any of Mary's performances.

Nonetheless, Starshell was regularly spotted spending alone time with Kendu. However, Kendu's lawyer has since denied these allegations as he defended: "Allegations that have been made about Kendu are false, unfair, mean-spirited and sad. Since then, she’s helped propel her career, bringing her to red carpet events and television appearances.“It’s really fucked up and low to have it done to her that way,” said another source.But Mary had her suspicions.” Blige met Starshell — who helped write Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” — through a producer Kendu knew.In 2010, Mary signed Starshell to her Matriarch Records label.“And then Mary would be at events with her, and it was awkward because it was obvious they were sleeping together.” In 2012, Starshell commented on the speculation. His goal is to reach an amicable resolution with her and [have] this commentary cease and desist.