'As Oldman, 59, won the award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the late Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, social media users quickly reminded everyone of the domestic violence allegations lodged against him by Fiorentino in 2001.

In 2005, he paid out an undisclosed settlement after a hotel employee accused him of rape in 2003.

He is the only man that’s won three time won the gold medal and proved that as top class player.

He is a player that is equaled lucky in her professional career as well as in relationships.

Kobe's soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law is currently living in one of the BBaller's mansions ... Laine gripes, "I have a six-year-old daughter and that money could be used toward her college fund or something ...

Gary Oldman's third ex-wife Donya Fiorentino called out the Academy Awards for giving two men, including her ex, statues - despite allegations they have been violent towards women.'Congratulations, Gary and congratulations to the Academy for awarding not one but two abusers with Oscars,' Fiorentino told TMZ on Monday. The public also responded with outrage over Kobe Bryant's win in the category of Best Animated Short Film for Dear Basketball.

After a long girlfriends list and dating history he is busy in giving time to family and now Kobe Bryant looks with wife 2015 and with daughters sees outing number of times.

Vanessa Bryant sure made one hell of an entrance at the Duke vs.

Vanessa is also too much popular in the world because she is also a dancer and actress and worked so many musical albums.

Bryant having a lot of girlfriend they have slipped in their life because he is enjoy the life with girlfriends.

A twist come in their life when both don’t stable their long time relation and Kobe decides to divorced his pretty and beautiful wife.

But Vanessa said she loves not anybody in their life rather than Bryant and also said she is not want to be again marriage with anybody because his husband is always champion for her.

Kobe is having a beautiful women is known as Vanessa Bryant and becomes their wife.