You see the real side of Kris when Malachy's around, as opposed to the 'performance' he puts on with others. When he's behind closed doors, he thinks he's 'safe'." Discussing his character at length with The Belfast Telegraph he said "Kris is a non-conformist.If he wakes up in the morning and wants to dye his hair blue and stick a safety pin through his nose, then that's exactly what he'll do.

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The character first appeared on-screen in September 2006 and left in August 2010 after Mc Carthy quit the show.

He is noted for his storylines involving the PEP drug, a bisexual love triangle, his outlandish personality and being the only permanent cross dressing character in a British soap opera.

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At the time of creation the then producer of the series, Bryan Kirkwood described the character to actor Gerard Mc Carthy as "A cross between Pete Doherty, Pete Burns and Pete Bennett from Big Brother — a bit of a Boy George character." In early 2009 speculation came from magazines that he was about to quit the series after Mc Carthy's statement of his character saying: "There comes a time when every character reaches a point when it's natural and believable for them to leave.

I think Kris's end should be this summer after he graduates." His feisty persona is prominent in the character's scenes, now and again a softer side to the character emerges.

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