They say being a parent is one of the most beautiful feelings and experiences in the world, and in case of Beth and Rucker, they are blessed with not only one or two but three children; Jack, Caroline, and Daniella Rose.p While Jack and Daniella Rose are Rucker and Beth's biological children, Caroline who was born in 1996 is from a previous relationship.

In his second studio album entitled Learn to Live, one of the songs of Darius Rucker is from a man’s point of view about divorce, a process that is often tedious and painful no matter how it is as quick as signing divorce papers as portrayed in television.

One of his songs that somehow tells a single narrative from this country album is entitled ‘All I Want’ which is a straight perspective about a guy who is telling a girl that all he wants is to be left alone even if it means having all his properties taken. ' You would think it was written by two guys who weren't too happy with their wives.

Both Rucker and Beth, however, admit to loving all the children same.

Talking about their married life, especially Beth Leonard, Darius Rucker said: “Beth’s a strong woman.

But the next year, I started playing little league football, and ever since then I’ve loved the game." DR: Oh, God, yeah!

I’m five years old, the Dolphins are playing the Cowboys in the Super Bowl, and I’m in the house with all my cousins. There’s, like, 14 kids, and every kid in there, everybody in my whole family, is pulling for the Cowboys.

() BE: I saw you perform down in Daytona for the Coke Zero 400. Somebody asked me the other day if I regret it, but, no, absolutely not. I’m sure a lot of people from his generation were racist. BE: Do you have to battle racism at all in country music? BE: In regards to your peers, I just have to ask you: can you believe Dillon Fence never broke big? At the very least, when they’re out playing, they should thank us for putting tires on their bus.

I mean, it’s not like Charley Pride didn’t pave the way years ago, but is it still an issue? BE: Did you ever confirm which of you guys supposedly gave Monica a hickey on “Friends”? If it was me, they would’ve said, “That would be the work of Hootie.” But if it was a Blowfish, then it was definitely Mark.

This fact will likely in no way affect your feelings on his music, nor is it probable that you will suddenly find new depth in the lyrics of your Hootie and the Blowfish albums, but, hey, maybe it means that you and he have something in common…and if you also happen to be a Miami Dolphins fan, then that’s something else. Well, since it’s football that’s brought us together, let me start by asking you when you first remember getting interested in the game.

In addition to his new album, to like his music to participate. Was there a formative moment that still sticks in your mind?

Often you can write a song and only realize a few days later what it's about.