At the hotel spas they only do handjobs or blowjobs.

I managed to negotiate down from to for one pop short time by saying I hadn’t exchanged dollars to VND yet, and didn’t want the massage part only sex.

Girls that aren’t hookers don’t last long on the app because they get hit up for sex so often although there are some normal girls that still use it.

Vietnam sex chat girl video-11

My friend luckboxed a hot one on Tinder that was the same as in the pics…

but a bit more pricey than average, 1.5 million dong ($65).

Maybe you can get away with just showing the money, then putting it back in your wallet. She unwraps a condom and tries to put it on my dick when I’m not even hard yet.

The whole mood is rushed, she doesn’t want to kiss, let me touch her or do oral.

They’ll make it obvious in their profile by talking about ‘massage’, using naked pics, dollar sign emojis, code words like ‘can meet for short time or long time’, ‘good service’, or just straight up writing ‘i’m working girl’.

If you’re on a budget mongering trip you can stay near a red light district like Soi Nana or P.

So I was talking to this girl who you may recognise from earlier posts.

I knew Vietnam wechat is mostly all scams / bait and switch from reading ISG forum but wanted to try it anyway. I already saw how hot massage girls are in real life at hotel massage parlors and wanted to bang one.

Worth a quick scan if you go to a disco or mall or somewhere with a bunch of people, you might meet someone interesting 100m from you.

Zalo app is the same thing, the Vietnam version of Wechat / Line.

And it’s cheap (~ range), and there’s less ladyboys and baklas to worry about.