XLQ may also be used through VBA (the programming language of Excel) to create custom formulas and analysis routines as well as via Excel charts; this type of configuration is not covered here.

XLQ’s developer, Leo van Rijswijk, got his start at a local computer shop in 1984 writing programs after school for local businesses.

IQFeed has a startup fee of (which may be waived as a part of purchasing the subscription with XLQ) as well as a monthly subscription fee of per month for the IQFeed Core Service. Interactive Brokers requires a brokerage account to access both Interactive Brokers’ proprietary research database and XLQ.

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Interactive Brokers provides similar real-time data but not with millisecond precision, and TD Ameritrade only provides real-time data for U. Data sources may vary in the day formulae available, but all day formulae begin with the same syntax: =xlq Function Name(“Symbol”,“Source”) For example: =xlqprice(“AAPL”,“google”) If you leave the “source” part of the formula blank, it will automatically use your default data source. A list of the day formulae available in each data source is shown in Figure 1. An additional way to view day data directly is in XLQ itself by going to the “Q” on the task bar, once XLQ is open, choosing “view data” then choosing “day list.” This is a separate process and tool apart from using the formulae within Excel.

As shown in Figure 2, you can add a symbol and then select the data source and the type of data you want to be shown in this table.

Progressing from local college programmer to specialized software developer, Rijswijk was able to quickly advance his knowledge in program design.

He specialized in C software development and developed several management reporting programs that have been implemented internationally.

These formulas are classified under three categories: day formulae, historic formulae and intraday formulae.

AAII formulae is a fourth category for those using .

The premium version, XLQPlus, is priced at 9 and includes the XLQ Companion application (described below), a one-year license and support for AAII’s , IQFeed, Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade. The standard version of XLQ, XLQLite is priced at and includes a one-year license and limited formula availability, including Google Finance and Yahoo Finance.

A free-trial is available for XLQ that includes much of the XLQPlus subscription; a refund is not offered for either of the licenses due to the availability of this free trial.

Parmi les différentes façons de créer des bibliographies (tout comme des citations dans le texte et des notes de bas de page), les modules pour logiciels de traitement de texte, faciles d’usage, sont probablement les plus souples.

Ces modules, disponibles pour Microsoft Word et Libre Office/Open Office/Neo Office, créent des bibliographies dynamiques : lorsque vous insérez une nouvelle citation dans les textes de votre manuscrit, la bibliographie est automatiquement mise à jour pour inclure ce nouvel élément.

Tibor Kovacs, Hungary; LO4.4.7, LO5.4.6 on Win7x64Prof.