Win 8 was installed using a Windows 8 iso and the Microsoft Windows 7 USB DVD Tool to create a bootable USB stick.

updating drivers for bootcamp-57

Boot Camp requires an authentic copy of Windows 10 for a new installation, which can be purchased from Microsoft in an ISO file or USB stick for $119.

Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free from within their Windows partition as long as the user's software is completely up to date.

It's something that's been going on since at least the 2011 AMD Mac Book days, though newer versions of Windows have made such guides obsolete.

For the lazy, you can download the M370X driver file from here: haven't actually tested this, as I don't have a Bootcamp Windows partition atm, let me know if it works)Here's how I updated my Mac Book's M370X drivers: EDIT 1/10/16: The pre-made driver above is for Windows 10 only.

Updating drivers gets specially compulsory in-case of bundled graphics cards (usually AMD Radeon) as newer games complain about outdated drivers which create compatibility and performance issues for them with the error shown below.

If we try to download and install the latest AMD Radeon drivers for the connected graphics card, the installer either refuses to install citing a non-supported system error or completes the installation, but leaves the driver to the original version installed by Boot Camp.

The update, Boot Camp 6, is still propagating and is not yet available for OS X.

However, several forum members have noted the update is available within Windows partitions in Boot Camp, Apple's tool to allow Intel Mac owners to dual boot OS X and Windows.

Anyway, as we all know the quality of Apple's Boot Camp drivers isn't the best. If you like to use a modded driver checkout mine, m XDriver: https:// might be a stupid question, but why do we have to go through all this ?

Is it better than getting the drivers from the manufacturer's website ?

Apple Boot Camp supplies users with correct Windows drivers and configurations to let them use Apple Hardware with Microsoft Windows operating system.