A company may have the articles with which it is registered, or they may be amended from time to time, usually by adopting entirely new articles.Most companies are set up using standard documents belonging to the company registration agents or solicitors undertaking the formation.Corporation filings are processed on a daily basis. If you have windows 10 * If you intend to apply for IRS federal tax exemption as a charitable organization, your articles of incorporation must contain a required purpose clause and a dissolution of assets provision.

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Company Law Solutions can advise on and create special classes of shares for particular purposes and their website gives further details about share classes.

Different arrangements suit different companies, such as: Company Law Solutions can advise on share allotments and their website gives further details about allotment procedures, etc.

which were the main contents of the memorandum, as these are no longer statutory requirements.

The new articles are based on a new standard document called the Model Articles.

The traditional memorandum of association was abolished, so that all the constitutional provisions are now contained in the articles.

Apart from many companies limited by guarantee, nearly all companies set up after that date will not have the statement of objects or an authorised share capital.

Your articles provide basic information about your corporation, such as your name and registered office.

Complete the appropriate paperwork and submit the articles with the appropriate fee.

The following is a guide to the key elements of company articles, outlining the most important provisions to consider when setting up a company.