You need to link your business name before you can add an ABN.

To update your direct debit details, please follow the simple steps below: 1. We highly advise that you update your direct debit details whenever a change occurs.

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Updates must be made within 28 days of any changes to your information.

Here you can find information about checking your business name details, as well as what business information you need to update.

Only primary contacts (including public officers), authorised contacts, registered tax agents, registered BAS agents, temporarily appointed tax professionals and specialist tax advisers can contact us on behalf of an entity.

Different entity types will have different primary contacts.

An Australian Business Number (ABN) is a unique 11 digit number that identifies your business to the government and community.

An ABN doesn't replace your tax file number, but it is used for various tax and other business purposes. To get one you need to be carrying on an enterprise.Find out how to check your business name details are up to date.In some circumstances, you can choose an alternative registration period.'Steven Smith' holds the ABN but the business name is held by 'Steve Smith'), we'll ask you to confirm that they're the same person before we make the change.If your business name is held by an individual or a partnership, you can add an ABN using ASIC Connect.There are different types of representatives that can be appointed for your business name.