Emotional abuse involves actions designed to destroy a person's sense of self-respect or self-worth.

Refusing to allow a spouse to work or get an education is also a form of financial abuse.

It is often seen in homes where an abuser forces the victim into isolation by limiting when they can communicate with family and friends.

Psychological abuse is a broad term that includes acts, threats of acts or coercive tactics to cause someone fear and trauma.

If there has been previous physical or sexual abuse in the relationship, any further threat of abuse is considered psychological violence.

Isolation makes it more difficult for a victim to have any form of financial freedom.

Research shows that domestic violence usually gets progressively worse.

It is often combined with other forms of abuse and used as a method to gain control over the victim.

Although there are no physical scars, the emotional scars can be debilitating to victims.

Another form of domestic sexual abuse is sexually assaulting someone who is unable to refuse due to disability, illness, intimidation or the influence of alcohol or other drugs.