When they are young, it is school, seeing the same girls every day in class. They also meet other females through friends or they deal with women who serve them their daily coffee at Starbucks.

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A fast simulation of this behavior would be if you approached a group of four girls in a nightclub with a gentle opening line.

Their scornful behavior to you, which they can deliver so easily without premeditated thought, is a woman’s true behavioral instinct.

Would you say the following list is more than 50% accurate in describing their behavior?

I hope that I have successfully presented the case that women you cold approach will abuse you in your quest to get laid.

After ten minutes passed and I didn’t see her, I texted her.

She replied, “Didn’t you get my text message this morning?A site called Signs Of Emotional Abuse might as well be titled Qualities Of A Typical Western Woman.I grabbed a few of the signs and reworded them to include “most women.” Consider the last few dozen girls you cold approached.It’s not hard to see that if all social restraints on a woman is removed, her natural instinct will lack all character, respect, or anything resembling the good-natured behavior she would display within her social group. And you—the man hitting her up on Tinder or the man approaching her in the club—is the recipient of her abuse in the hopes of getting laid.All her negative energy and flaws can be safely unleashed upon the man who has no connection with her other social groups.I am beginning to wonder if all my experiences with them in my adult life is equivalent to having an abusive stepmother as a child.