“I think being on TNT is going to enrich the show,” said Scott.

“It’s gonna make the show the fans wanna see.” Perhaps there is a happy trade to be had for Conan as there was for Southland. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

NBC claimed that the show was “too dark and gritty,” but Scott told Blast in a recent interview that “the reason why NBC let it go I don’t think anyone really knows.” “There’s a lot going on over at NBC that doesn’t really make sense right now,” Scott said.

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But Conan’s aren’t the only feathers the peacock’s rustled recently.

Fans were stunned last October when the network cancelled “Southland,” a gritty cop-drama starring Massachusetts native Tom Everett Scott.

After several seasons on the show in a recurring role, Scott landed the role of Guy Patterson in That Thing You Do! He was almost passed over because of his resemblance to the film's director, actor Tom Hanks, but Hanks's wife, Rita Wilson, encouraged Hanks to cast Scott in the role.

Scott had several other notable roles; he was the lead in the film An American Werewolf in Paris (1997) as well as Dead Man on Campus (1998).

He appeared as one of Mandy Moore's boyfriends in the comedy Because I Said So (2007).

He appeared in a Broadway-theatre production as the closeted film star Mitchell Green in the comedy The Little Dog Laughed, written by Douglas Carter Beane. Tom Everett Scott began his acting career as a drummer Guy in the film 'That Thing You Do' but his first notable role was appearing for several seasons in the recurring role of Matthew on the television comedy 'Grace Under Fire'.Tom was the lead actor in the films An American Werewolf in Paris (1997) and Dead Man on Campus (1998), and he is a co-starred with Kate Capshaw and Tom Selleck in The Love Letter (1999).When the show was canceled by NBC and picked up by TNT he left the starring cast due to budget cuts.He remained a recurring character in the second and third seasons.Tom is married to Jenni Gallagher, with whom he has two children.