They found 12,703 battles which had an exact location and date, 2,657 of them are from Wikidata, the others are from DPpedia.

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“We did not set out to create a comprehensive visual overview of all battles fought around the world.

However, if more people get involved in entering and updating data in Wikipedia, Wikidata, and DBpedia, it might be possible to create an inclusive map of all the battles fought around the world.” There are some issues with the map, however, as Wikipedia data is not 100 per cent reliable and the key words used may result in irrelevant results being used or other battles excluded.

But the country spends about £6 billion a year on the medical costs of conditions related to being overweight or obese and a further £10 billion on diabetes, it claimed.

Meanwhile, the cost of obesity and diabetes to the NHS is equivalent to the UK's combined ''protection'' budget for the police and fire services, law courts, and prisons, it added.

In the UK, Government efforts to tackle obesity were ''too fragmented to be effective'', while investment in obesity prevention was ''relatively low given the scale of the problem'', the report said.

The UK spends less than £638 million a year on obesity prevention programmes - about 1% of the country's social cost of obesity, the study found.The current rate of obesity and overweight conditions suggest the cost to the NHS could increase from between £6 billion and £8 billion in 2015 to between £10 billion and £12 billion in 2030, the study found.The recommended interventions to reduce the cost of obesity include: :: Portion control in fast food packaged goods. :: Introducing healthy meals in schools and workplaces.Statera Therapies is a multi disciplinary wellness clinic. -Registered Massage and Mobile Massage Therapy with DIRECT INSURANCE BILLING -Reflexology -Reiki, Body Talk, Accunect and Lymphatic Drainage -Hot Stone Massage -Therapeutic...Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!If we reduce obesity to 1993 levels, where 15% of the population were obese, we will avoid five million disease cases and save the NHS alone an additional £1.2 billion by 2034.