If you don't have a registered Domain you can simply just choose a simple name, in this guide I will use "private.lan".

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When you create this zone you will need to name it something, with the "example.com" being the default example.

If you have a registered Domain, go ahead and use that name for your Master zone (even if you are not going to open your DNS servers to the Internet).

Once all the software is installed, it will launch a basic "wizard" that will walk you through a very basic DNS setup.

All of the options presented during the Wizard are available for modification through Ya ST's DNS module after the Wizard is ran, so you can adjust any of these options at any time.

Ya ST allows you to graphically enter all the relevant information you need for your zones, then it will actually construct the file and all your zone files for you.

In fact, I think it is so intuitive that I have actually used Ya ST to construct a few zone files for use on other Linux Distributions.

The DNS Server (Bind) is configured in two areas - first you configure the main "server" in how it will operate and communicate with DNS clients and other servers, then you add your "data" into zones so the DNS Server can provide appropriate information about your network.

This section will cover how to configure the main server so it will communicate properly with other clients and servers, as well as "fine tune" the server for your environment.

What this means is that if you ask your DNS server what computer is at IP Address it will provide you with the FQDN for that computer.

To create a Reverse Name lookup zone, simply create another "Master Zone", but the name of the master zone must be a specified in a certain way, an example is a zone named "1.168.192.in-addr.arpa" for the 192.168.1. Later on I will show you how to add actual computer information into these zones, but for now just add the primary DNS zone for your network and a reverse zone and continue on.

A common practice is to use your ISPs DNS servers as forwarders.