Fab Four Front Winch Bumpers Heavy Duty Winch Bumper W/ No Grill Guard Black 2 Stage Black Powder Coat With Epoxy Primer Multi-Piece Mounting System To Allow A ""Custom"" Fit.Hella 90MM Fog And 60MM Turn Indicator Lights Are Included With The Bumper 2007-12 JK Wrangler 2-door models Includes new Rubicon Long Arms with Super-Flex™ spherical ball joints Replacement lift springs Extended bump stops Longer front stainless steel brake lines Shocks not included Max Tire Size: 37x12.50 The Advance Adapters Atlas gear-driven transfer cases are the ultimate in gearing and strength.The motor also features a large magnet ID shorting ring (faraday ring) to reduce distortion causes by inductance & inductance variation over stroke.

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We are very proud of what these woofers are capable of and we believe that they are one of the best woofers on the market today hands down for the money.

Features & Technology: * -- These features combine to create the optimized coil ventilation system.

Our original SA-8 v1 & v1.5 models were already setting the industry-standard but, at Sundown Audio, we are only satisfied when our products are truly breaking new ground and this was not possible on any readily available frame.

Our newly tooled frame allows a much larger diameter spider than a typical 8" frame and also supports an extremely large amount of mechanical travel (around 2.5" p-p travel).

I’m certainly not the first to put a supercharger on an early Wing.

Other parties have done so dating back to the late ’70s.

SA-8 v.3: The SA-8 v.3 represents the pinnacle of low distortion, ported box 8 inch subwoofer technology.

We built on our experience with the SA-8 series dating back to the original model which launched in 2010 to create something completely unique to the market.

The SA-8 v.3 features a full 16mm of Klippel verified one-way linear excursion and mechanical capacity in excess of double the linear limits (around 2.5” peak-to-peak) to ensure that mechanical failures are nearly impossible.

We also tooled an all new surround for the v.3 update with the same incredibly linear geometry as the Mega-Roll v.2 surrounds found on our larger woofers (X v.2 series and larger).

The SA-8 v.3 takes a departure from its larger cone diameter siblings in terms of the voice coil ventilation.