She is surrounded by gorgeous host club members but she can look past their appearances and see who they really are, much to their initial surprise.She is blunt, witty and intelligent and she actually has dreams for her future that she works hard for instead of drooling over hot guys (even letting romance take over her life). And the plot has many twists and turns, some of which can beat the sanity out of you!

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The book manages to keep the familiar ties with the shoujo mangas we know and love, while making it more realistic and and easier to relate to.

There's also complete new in depth and more view on the characters rather than the standard lonely hot guy meets simple girl that thinks she's ugly and plain but is really pretty.

I adore the characters and their natural chemistry.

The host club creates a really great atmosphere and truly convince you of their unbreakable friendship, but I especially love the two main leads Haruhi and Tamaki.

Dengeki Daisy It started off with a cliche' hook of "I'll always protect you.

" But then it turned out to be so much better with a new and interesting plot.And then it turns out he didn't give a shiz about her... I'd love to give Skip Beat a higher place, but I don't want to be biased, so I give it 9th place. So it is highly recommended and it is in my top 3, start reading it immediately...It is Its own thing, Kyoko as a protagonist is unique.The art style is also beautiful, and on top of that the manga artist is MALE, which makes this manga even better! Teru is one of the few female protagonists I have actually come to love rather than grown to hate.In my eyes this is the absolute best shoujo manga out there. This manga has largely become a coming of age story for her and not just a romance.Gakuen Alice I completely agree that Gakuen Alice should be top 3.