” She then posted a video of her talk on You Tube, where it has racked up more than a million views.

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“I’ve always known a parent cannot recover from that.

And this is why I will not tolerate the thought of any parent taking a child away from another parent.” The committee’s final report recommended rewriting custody laws to ensure both parents access to the children and making false domestic violence allegations a crime.

This summer, when protesters threatened to shut down A Voice for Men’s first conference in Detroit, the Honey Badgers collected more than $8,000 in donations and flew to Motor City to act as “human shields.” The Honey Badgers also produce an online radio show, covering men’s issues and geek culture.

Recent topics include false rape allegations, the treatment of military veterans, and “the shit feminists say.” Suzanne Venker: The Traditionalist arguing that freedom and power have only made women unhappy.

Galvanized, Cools—a Liberal Party member turned independent—helped launch a parliamentary committee that traveled the country holding emotional standing-room-only hearings on child custody laws.

Critics branded it the “politically incorrect committee” because it heard testimony from hundreds of men, grandparents, and second wives, who spoke tearfully about being cut off from children by a legal system that they alleged favored mothers.

· before-time - once upon a time; formerly · behind God's back - a distant rural place way-out in the countryside · big-up - kudos, accolades, salutation · big-rock - a stone, just the right size and weight for throwing at someone; or to stand up someone · birdspeed - to move very fast · Bim - a nickname for Barbados (short for Bimshire); it was also a soft-drink historically made in Barbados · biscuit - knee cap · bite - to itch (eg.

"my foot biting me") · black hat - person behaving unseemly and don't care · blaklead - a pencil · blasted - "damn" · blam - to shut suddenly · blista - to curse out · blista bline - to curse out · block wid - to confront boldly with (eg.

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