The mission he served in different cities of Colombia, accentuated his leadership skills and his religious convictions.

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In 2009, he and colleagues in Public Affairs were authorized to accept an invitation from local LGBT community leaders to begin meeting.

As a result of these meetings, genuine friendships developed.

Elected in 2017, Carson Tueller is currently serving as Affirmation President.

He is a part-time university student and self-employed private music instructor.

Laura co-produced “The Forefront Talks youtube series: A story about coming out in church and how to ideally support those who do” and published an Op-Ed in the Deseret News refuting the use of gay conversion therapies.

Laura continues to write on her personal blog “Stars in the Ocean” to promote increased social support for LGBT/SSA Mormons no matter what their life path.

While serving as an Affirmation leader in Mexico, the country saw remarkable growth, organizing in eight areas and training regional leaders who continually work together.

Kimberly Anderson lives authentically as a woman and, prior to transitioning and changing her name, has a lifetime of experience is service in the LDS Church.

Later that year, the Church endorsed passage of Salt Lake City’s anti-discrimination housing and employment ordinances.

In 2012, Affirmation leaders reached out to Church Public Affairs, and Bill played a role in setting up a dialogue that has continued to the present day.

Since he transitioned (in 2011) at age 16, Grayson and Neca have been actively working to extend non-discrimination protections in Utah to include sexual orientation and gender identity. She and her husband own a small engineering consulting firm.