Francisco Ruiz accepts himself as both Mormon and gay.He previously served as Senior Vice President of Affirmation Mexico.In 2009, he and colleagues in Public Affairs were authorized to accept an invitation from local LGBT community leaders to begin meeting.

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Presently, Laura is a regular contributor on the Outin podcast: a dialogue that attempts to equally and respectfully honor both spiritual and sexual orientations and gender identities.

She is also a co-producer on the Far Between documentary project which is an upcoming film exploring what it means to be Mormon and homosexual.

Since he transitioned (in 2011) at age 16, Grayson and Neca have been actively working to extend non-discrimination protections in Utah to include sexual orientation and gender identity. She and her husband own a small engineering consulting firm.

The family of Jairo Fernando González Díaz was among the first LDS converts in Colombia, hence the unusual trajectory of an active Mormon since boyhood in a conservative and Catholic society where Mormonism was barely known.

Board Members and officers of Affirmation are responsible for directing the activities of Affirmation as an organization, promoting growth, keeping the Affirmation community informed, organizing conferences, and defining the promoting the goals of Affirmation.

For more information, please see the Affirmation Charter and Bylaws.A practicing architect for over thirty years in New York and Utah, her career has included managing worldwide construction programs and many of the largest projects of the LDS Church.Today she is in private practice in Salt Lake City, UT. Hall also served the LDS Church in several prominent leadership capacities ecclesiastically but has recently been excommunicated from the church.The Forefront Talks Op-Ed in the Deseret News Stars in the Ocean Blog Out in Zion Far Between Laura Skaggs Dulin holds a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from San Diego State University where she specialized in therapies suited to multi-cultural contexts; with a further emphasis in LGBT/SSA related issues.Since 2013, Laura has endeavored to develop culturally competent and research-based outreach interventions to promote the greater well-being of all LGBT/SSA Mormons.was an employee in the LDS Church Public Affairs Department for more than 30 years.