Saad al-Hariri said in his resignation speech that he was afraid of being assassinated and accused Iran of working with Hezbollah.

Tensions have been rising between Saudi Arabia and Iran after the Saudi government blamed Iran for a foiled missile attack near Riyadh on November 4.

Plan B is to fight Hezbollah in Syria,' said the source.

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It's been more than a month since the release of Black Panther and it continues to earn money at the worldwide box office.

The film has already amassed more than $1.2 billion and the release in Saudi market will only add to its collection.

Kechichian, a scholar at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, told the New York Times.'This young man, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is not willing to roll over and play dead.

Marvel's superhero movie Black Panther has not stopped making history yet.

The source said King Salman will continue only as a ceremonial figurehead, handing over official leadership of the country to his son - often referred to as MBS.'Unless something dramatic happens, King Salman will announce the appointment of MBS as King of Saudi Arabia next week,' said the source.

'King Salman will play the role of the queen of England.

'Iran cannot lob missiles at Saudi cities and towns and expect us not to take steps,' Jubair told CNN.

An Iranian government spokesperson dismissed the accusations as 'contrary to reality'.'Today confrontation is the name of the game,' Joseph A.

Saudi Arabia is insisting the UN removes gay rights from the organisation’s Global Goals, saying it is “counter to Islamic law”.

The protest comes from the Saudi Foreign Minister, Adel Al-Jubeir, who told the UN General Assembly that “mentioning sex in the text, to us, means exactly male and female.

"By developing the broader cultural sector we will create new employment and training opportunities, as well as enriching the Kingdom's entertainment options." "This marks a watershed moment in the development of the cultural economy in the kingdom," Alawwad said.