Library sections: Sacred Liturgy, Spiritual Life, Saints, Monasticism, Patrology, Theology, History of Church, Canon Law, Art, Philosophy, Sociology, Byzantine History, Modern Greek History, Greek Literature, Christian Europe and others. Music Scores of Orthodox Chants in Slavic and English Selected choral chants in Slavic and English. Exarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Korea History of the Orthodox Church in Korea, stories from the early mission in Korea, the Exarchate of Korea, parishes, monasteries, church bookstore, events and contact information. The “Russian Icon” Project Copies of iconic works of ancient Russia and the Byzantine Empire. Online Library of the Church of Greece Online electronic library of Orthodox texts in English and many other languages. Please also let us know if in our listings you find broken URL's, errors, inconsistencies or the like.

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May we ask you to pray for the departed servant of God Andrew Kourovsky (France), who was the driving force in creating a French version of the us know about new or existing orthodox websites not present in our directory or any URL updates.

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The enormous size of Russia has many variations of climate including humid continental, subarctic, polar, subtropical, and semi-arid.

Russian is the official language and the majority of the population is Russian Orthodox.

Bible Study Tool Translations of the Bible in different languages, full Symphony, lexical and semantic parallels, dictionaries and encyclopedias, library literature. The Novo-Tikhvin Convent Novo-Tikhvinsky cloister was revived in 1994.

Original compositions and harmonizations of traditional chants by Johannes H. Scores and sound files available for free distribution and performance in Orthodox Church rites. In producing icons, the workshop uses modern technology and possibilities of professional image processing and color correction that allow you to finally get the most realistic copies of famous icons which are popularly venerated as relics and samples of iconographic works of ancient Russia and the Byzantine Empire. May we ask for your prayers for salvation and well-being of humble servants of God Fr.

The ROC currently claims its exclusive jurisdiction over the Orthodox Christians, irrespective of their ethnic background, who reside in the former member republics of the Soviet Union, excluding Georgia and Armenia, although this claim is disputed in such countries as Estonia, Moldova and Ukraine and consequently parallel canonical Orthodox jurisdictions exist in those: Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church and Metropolis of Bessarabia, respectively.