For his part, Cambridge graduate Cummings tells me: ‘She is the sweetest girl in the world — smarter than me.

I’m very lucky.’While Prince William dithers about giving up bachelorhood, one of his old pals has no such qualms.

‘I’ll keep a few of the best bits and sell all the rest,’ Jo told me at a fashion show for Ozwald Boateng. I don’t even have a place to live yet — I have four weeks to find one.’ She plans to move to a bachelor pad in the West End.

She has bought her new place, a 15th-century farmhouse in Bath.

One friend tells me: ‘Sam and Aaron won’t live in the house permanently but it will offer them some privacy away from the big city.

Ulster-born Cummings, 31 — a former director at Standard Chartered bank before joining money brokers Icap, where he is global head of options — met Margo earlier this year at a house party in Henley-on-Thames.

In April, Margo — who took a career break two years ago to teach in South Africa — rented out her Soho apartment to ­sample life in the ­Berkshire countryside.

Around 200 guests are expected, including her daughter Poppy, 22, who works as an ­illustrator and was the somewhat unexpected result of a romance the actress had at drama school with cult poet Jock Scott.

Anna went on to marry cameraman Nigel Willoughby in 1995, but they split four years later.She has always hated the way their romance has been ­portrayed, and insists Redha was never ­‘penniless’ and was ­certainly not on the make.‘He was only ­temporarily employed as a driver and is now an established freelance sound ­technician,’ I am told. Their wedding will be secular; he is Muslim and she calls herself as a ‘lapsed Catholic’.Instead, she and Redha will exchange their vows at the 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill, West London.But she will, nevertheless, be in a ‘Duckface-style’ vintage white wedding dress.Meanwhile, Andrew’s employers are sending him off to their Far East office next month for a three-year stint.