After recieving his iphone and entering into the texting, facebook world everything about him is changing. Typical teen stuff parents are idiots, knows all the answers etc.What concerns me is his disrespect and feelings of entitlement.

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He denied saying it and then said he was justified and feels he did nothing wrong. Still, I think that the rule feels a little arbitrary. As for homework, it sounds like he's a good student.

If he continues to get good grades, his phone probably isn't a problem.

I didn't have a curfew, but if I was at a party and we all decided to go to Perkins, I had to call her (even if it was past midnight) to let her know.

We did have household/family expectations, of course.

It might be a way of turning things around so he isn't so resentful. So many kids don't have that kind of support and guidance.

You'll get through this, but is it disconcerting and stressful when things like this arise. You may be doing this and I suspect you are, but don't forget to reinforce all the positive in him.Politeness: say goodmorning, goodnite, please thank you. He forgot something and I started lecturing him on it. Sometimes the hardest thing that we can do is admit to our kids that we did something that hurt them, but I honestly believe doing that builds the best relationships. Many kids would say that's like telling him that he can't go out at all, as he can't go to the late movie is friends will want to go to, or his friends will have to leave someplace early to get him home. Make rules about drinking, or letting you know where he is, instead of just saying a certain time. As for the phone, believe me, I totally get this battle. I like the idea that the phone stays in the kitchen while he's sleeping (a lot of my students wake to check texts in the middle of the night, and that's just not healthy).He said under his breath but loud enough for me to hear and his two cousins (19 and 16) "F" you. After telling my husband we decided to talk him about it . Any suggestions on how to get our "nice" guy back.? I agree with many of the posters that the rule about only going out Friday and not Saturday seems a little arbitrary. It's virtually impossible to get them to turn their phones off for a 55 minute class! Also, you could give him a set amount of money for texts and above that he has to pay himself.They like to know what the rules are, why the rules are in place, and what the consequences are.As a teacher, I'm pretty tough, but my students always say that I'm fair, and that's more important. I don't know if this will help at all, but when I became a teenager I had very few rules.If his grades drop, give him a specific GPA he has to reach for him to get his phone back.