However, there are also women from Thailand, China, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.Pink Sofa is a lesbian networking site which is partly an online dating service, but also much more.

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Having said that, it is also one of the most inexpensive options, and the profiles are regarded as authentic and honest.

It's not a bad idea to check it out if you live in the UK, but sure to see if that there are enough users to select from in your area before paying for an upgraded membership. One of the oldest Asian dating companies that we've found, Cherry Blossoms offers singles a way to meet Asians who are looking for love, romance, and marriage.

If you've read my post about the Chip Bag Incident from my childhood, you'll know that one of the things that just kills me is being unjustly accused of wrongdoing. She went on a trip to the UK and in order to meet as many 'pinkies' as possible, advertised a few meet ups to coincide with her trip.

So the fact that Pink Sofa has terminated my membership for some supposed breach of its terms and conditions or code of ethics but wont tell me which one or how I breached it makes me a very ugly combination of furious and miserable. I have spent long walks on the beach with the dog planning how I could march into the Pink Sofa office and refuse to leave until I get an apology and my membership reinstated. Now, I don't have access to the communications between PR and the Sofa, so this is third hand, but apparently she was emailed to say she couldn't advertise events in Chit Chat, and she then passed this message on to other pinkies on the Chit Chat wall.

One of the features is called "Chit Chat", which is like a mini Facebook where members post statuses or comments that others can then reply to in thread form.

The site is international but Chit Chat seems to be primarily used by Australians, New Zealanders and Brits, with a sprinkling of Americans for good measure.Asians 4 Asians is a UK-based site focusing entirely on Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and Indian singles.However, there are fewer single members on this site compared to most of the websites on this list.The site openly states they've matched more than 100,000 happy couples and that they assist their clients with legal and visa support, if necessary.However, you'll notice very quickly most of the members are female and Phillipino.A few of us expressed surprise about this, and I know I personally expressed that as the events section of the website isn't available on the mobile version of the site, it seemed logical to be able to advertise events in Chit Chat.