With SEI Club you can take all of the work out of dating and make it easy and fun.

As many of our members can attest, on their first meeting with many of their matches sparks fly and great times are enjoyed by both parties.

For one, petite women appear to be more feminine and dainty while taller women are perceived as being more masculine to men.

Almost all supermodels are tall and taller women certainly draw attention to themselves because they stand out in a crowd. Beauty by today standards portrays gorgeous women being extremely tall, when in reality many studies show that men are more attracted to small petite women.

They are usually thin and present themselves with a sense of confidence. Because of this, Hollywood and fashion magazines are fighting a losing battle when it comes to basic human nature.

Playing a game of flirt wrestle with a woman that can beat him up is not exactly fun to him.

Welcome to SEI Club, the ultimate private members club providing elite dating for professionals.

Also, petite women tend to look younger which makes their overall beauty more attractive to men.

Genetically men see size and height as intimidation factors and taller women appear to be dominating.

Our matchmakers follow a high code of ethics to match you up with your ideal partner as defined by you.

Our goal is to create just the type of relationship that you are looking for with a partner that you desire…who is everything you have always wanted and more.

In traditional gender roles, men prefer to be the dominating ones in relationships.