The state also prohibits assignations, which are meetings or appointments arranged for the purpose of prostitution.

State law also forbids solicitation -- acts to persuade or convince another person to participate in prostitution -- and the purchase of prostitution services.

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State law also criminalizes the operation of a service offering prostitution and the availability of a building or other premises for prostitution.

In addition, Florida prohibits procurement, also known as pandering and more commonly known as "pimping," during which an individual persuades or hires another person to engage in prostitution, or offers prostitution services performed by another person.

There is no Red-light district like the ones in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Most prostitutes advertise online and charge about 0-0 for sex.

Jacksonville has also a decent street prostitution scene and some good massage parlours where you can buy sex.

Business meetings remain an intrinsic feature of corporate life in the United Kingdom.