One driver was summonsed and his vehicle seized for using a mobile phone while driving, not using a seat belt and driving without insurance.

It also stopped five people for not wearing seat belts.

A journalist believed to be on his way to cover the launch of new penalties was also stopped for using his mobile while driving.

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A TEENAGE driver caught using GPS on his phone to find a garage has become one of the first drivers to lose their licence under harsh new laws to stop people using a mobile at the wheel.

"I have a hands free but it was in my gear stick hand by my gear stick.

"I have just been told because it wasn't in a cradle I have now got six points.

Shocking pictures show drivers flouting the law as they casually made calls and sent text messages behind the wheel - despite the punishment being doubled in a major crackdown today.

While drivers can usually rack up 12 points on their licence before losing it, those caught within two years of passing their test will have their licence revoked after getting six.

One of these was a driver of a 7.5 tonne lorry using his phone while travelling around a roundabout in the Bournemouth area, the force said.