While some of these relationships last, know that detaching yourself from the outcome as quickly as possible will ultimately help you get on with your life.And if it does end (both did in my case), the satisfaction that does creep in feels a little less yucky because it no longer is a reflection of you, your value or your love-ability! Do you think it is just so she can talk and tell you what she's been up to?

my exhusband is dating help-65

He didn’t ask me to move in because at the time we werent talking, I was still upset about the whole situation, divorce, etc.

These past couple of months, he has been telling me that he made the biggest mistake of his life and that he will do anything to get us back, and wants to make sure that I trust him again, and that there is absolutely nothing going on with her, but he doesn’t have the resources to move out anywhere right now.

When we were married, he had an affair on me with the woman he is living with currently.

Well, he left her saying that he made the biggest mistake of his life leaving me and our son but moved out into his own home. He lost his job and couldnt make it so he asked her if he could move back in just for a bit to get things together then he will be gone again.

He may be continuing a relationship with this other woman (which seems likely given that he is living with her).

More charitably, he may be thinking that she can’t live without him and he is afraid to hurt her feelings.

"Talk is cheap" is another cliched way to express this sentiment.

"Put your money where your mouth is" is still another.

I will admit I still do love him, and I would like for things to work out eventually, not only for us but our son.