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Whether you’re worried about not having perfectly round breasts or fretting about your nipple size, every girl seems to want the perfect pair – which doesn’t exist, by the way.

There’s an agonizing amount of shame revolving around the breast area when things aren’t looking right.

Because who can throw a wrench in your good looks quite like hormones can? Here are three common issues that may be causing your nips to sprout. Now that you’re bringing life into the world, what better way for your body to celebrate than by sprouting a couple of unwanted hairs on your titties?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make previously blonde and delicate hairs around the breast begin to grow course, dark, and long. Use of hormonal contraceptives can cause fluctuations in your, well, hormones.

If it is left untreated, it may lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health issues.

Symptoms of PCOS include difficulty losing weight, irregular periods, thinning scalp hair, issues with fertility, depression, and – you guessed it – excess hair growing everywhere else on your body.To determine whether or not your hairy nipples fall on the side of ‘call the doctor,’ Med Guidance has comparative photos to show normal and abnormal hairy nipples.If you feel as though you do have PCOS, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately.Tweezing is probably the best route for getting rid of unwanted nipple hairs. If you have the money and the figurative balls to go for it, don’t forget to do your research first.A simple pluck will grab the hair by the root, and you won’t have to worry about re-growth for more than a week. You may have to do several rounds of expensive electrolysis before the hairs stop growing in. Many women are simply embracing their bodies as they are these days. After all, what if you’re alone in your new hairy adventure? As it turns out, they just don’t like to talk about it much. Why women get hairy nipples Now that you know hairy nipples are a common issue, you’re probably wondering why women get these charming whiskers to begin with.