This was the first episode that I really understood from Soo Yeon’s perspective – the last image she had of Jung Woo was her calling his name and him running away without once looking back.

When Hyung Joon gets home, he sees the shattered glass in the kitchen and goes to clean it up.

He sees via the CCTV feed that a car is pulling up outside and knows Soo Yeon is home.

Because, yunno, we girls don’t think it’s weird at all some guy we just met asks us to repeatedly call his name while his back is facing us.

While Jung Woo cries, Soo Yeon remembers calling his name as he ran away from her as she laid on the ground after being raped.

Jung Woo looks at her and thinks about little Soo Yeon again.

Soo Yeon sees a pretty building ahead and says she wants to go there some time.

Soo Yeon wonders why he thinks she is like Soo Yeon?

Jung Woo says her voice sounds exactly the same when she calls his name, like she’s on the verge of tears.

Eun Joo says he’s not at the usual noraebang either.