Known to many for her role as Dr Elizabeth Corday in ER, Alex Kingston is thrilled to be back for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

Will that rumoured on-screen ‘sex storm’ between River Song and Peter Capaldi’s Doctor now come to fruition?

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Davies reportedly described the on-screen union of River and Capaldi’s Doctor as a potential “sex storm”, so has the special been sexed up?

“It’s a family show, but there have been moments on set where we’ve started to call it ‘Doctor Blue’,” admits Kingston with a laugh.

“River’s already established, so why not keep her within that respect and then bring in a new companion?

Because then you’ve got more people to interact and play with.” She credits Moffatt for writing such strong female characters, but she doesn’t foresee a female Doctor any time soon.

“I thought she was just a beautifully written character in a two-episode story arc, but Steven had other intentions and it’s a great opportunity for anyone to play,” remarks the English-born actress, who rose to fame after appearing in American medical drama ER.

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