For example, a difference of 30 points will be converted to 1 IMP.The reason for this is to reduce the impact of a single big swing, for example if you lost -1100 on a board it would be a disaster at aggregate scoring.What will normally happen is that most pairs will play 1NT, making a different number of overtricks.

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Now your team score is -170-50 = -220 points, which converts to -6 IMP. In teams scoring, you just score up with your team mates.

So if the game is on a finesse, a 50-50 chance, the odds are that you will win as much as you lose. In Cross IMP scoring, you score up with everyone else in the opposite direction, and then take the average of those scores. For example, suppose there are three tables and the scores on board 1 are: Table 1: NS make ten tricks in four hearts for 420 Table 2: NS make ten tricks in three hearts for 170 Table 3: EW sacrifice in four spades doubled and make eight tricks for 300 to NS.

NS 1 compare first with table 2: 420 – 170 = 250 = 6 IMP Then NS with table 3: 420 – 300 = 100 = 3 IMP So NS 1 score the average of 4.5 IMP on this board and EW 1 will score -4.5 IMP The table 2 NS will score up similarly.

First with NS 1: 170 – 420 = -250 = -6 IMP Then with NS 3: 170 – 300 = -130 = -4 IMP So NS 2 will score -5 IMP on this board and EW 2 will score 5 IMP.

The team's result is the sum of all the individual boards and this will give you a IMP score for comparison with everyone else.

For example, suppose your opponents bid three spades but make ten tricks, you will score -170.

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The bottom on the board is 0 matchpoints, when everyone does better than you!

If everyone else makes 8 tricks in 1NT, then you will score 3 matchpoints (known as an average).

There are two winners, one North-South and one East-West, because it would be unfair to compare the two directions as they did not have the same hands.