Men rarely go up to a woman they think is out of their reach unless they’re drunk.“So I teach them to change their frame of mind when they talk to a woman.

They should go in with a list of what they want.”Kezia has even helped faded soap stars – and is yet to have an unhappy customer.

Kezia started out as a model and singer in Britain before becoming a wing girl and dating coach for aspiring pick-up artists PUA Training company in the year 2006.

A wing girl goes with men to clubs and bars to make them appear attractive and socially desirable.

Kezia shares that at 7 years old, she discovered her idol: Alexis Colby from .

Another idol from Kezia’s day, Madonna, took mediocre talent and through hard work and grit sculpted it into a billion-dollar franchise.

It starts with U and I.” “That’s rubbish – I’ve heard it before,” she groaned.

While Fidan Ozturk, 25, from Essex, gave me a six for, “Are you a library book?

Kezia is appalled that young women today aspire to no greater heights than , and hold the botox-lipped, sex-kitten look to be the pinnacle of achievement.

These young women are facing a ticking time bomb, she asserts, because they’re not developing any durable qualities or skills.

[fimage] Kezia Noble is one of the first females to teach men dating skills.