I must not be extaclty the WM_NCPAINT message, I can define an own one... something else :) It IS possible, I only need a nice way! ) Kirsten wrote: | Hi @all, | | I'm trying hard to find an intelligent way for drawing my own client-area!

but on the other hand, why not the WM_NCPAINT message? | (I'm programming components with its own border styles).

| | BUT: I really have tricky code, and it is possible that I call a function | like "Invalidate Border" 3, 4, 5, 6 times...

invalidating the non client area-27

We were well aware that there were numbers of members that contributed to this Standard, hence there was a hope that the relevant section could have been proposed by another contributor, and before the priority date.

We tried to identify at which point in time the relevant section was proposed, for approval so as to be considered as a part of the standard.

But I do not have an main loop...) Redraw Window(RDW_FRAME | RDW_INVALIDATE) [| RDW_UPDATENOW] [| RDW_NOCHILDREN] -- Jugoslav ___________ Please reply to the newsgroup.

How To Invalidate Non Client Area Hey Friends I am trying to change the caption of a dialog bar at run time,but changes do not reflect in the bar, May be due to not invalidating and then updating the non client area.

So even though we had a good lead we were back to our original challenge.

So we got our act together and started working on the next steps.

This article by TELG principal Tom Harrington and TELG managing principal R.

Hi @all, I'm trying hard to find an intelligent way for drawing my own client-area!

From this, we came to know that she is a member of the committee that develops IEEE standards.