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If Ispecify to display the value of "Route Number" in the appropriate textbox from the "Carrier" table, then all of the fields from the "Carrier" table update just fine, but the fields from the "Complaints" table do not, and visa-versa.

I've tried using the Route Number for both tables in the application, making one textboxinvisible, but then I getthe error message on any textbox I try to update.

Unexcpected error occurred.(:: Control Service() failed System Error 0x00000425(1061): The service cannot accept control messages at this time.)’ error occurs when trying to start Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.0 – 8.0.2'

IOException: entry 6581b70b70c2d08888489ea4e3b2c83a/Common_lib32_files_AIX/installed does not exist in setupaix.jar' error message is seen in when installing when installing Micro Strategy Universal 8.1.1 Hotfix 3 on AIX 5.3The Performance Monitoring counter 'Number of Report Caches' is not updated when a project is unloaded and appends to previous value on each subsequent reload in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.2Micro Strategy Intelligence Servers with Hybrid CPU licenses are incorrectly aggregating CPUs from other Micro Strategy Intelligence Servers using different licenses resulting in an Out of Compliance message in Micro Strategy 8.0.2Unable to import Active Directory’s ‘display Name’ LDAP attribute into Micro Strategy in order to replace the Micro Strategy user Full Name with this LDAP attribute value in Micro Strategy Intelligence Server 8.0.2 and older‘Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint `PK__IS_REP_SEC_STATS__108B795B`.

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There are a couple of instances on this form where I need to refresh the dataset.

When I do so I get "insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing" If I set the dataset to active = false and turn it on again that works fine but I really don't want to do that.

-Template Unit Metrics..." error message appears when executing a report with a base formula metric in Micro Strategy Desktop 7.5.x and 8.0.0'No function or procedure was found with the specified name (LIKE) and compatible arguments’ error occurs when searching for attribute elements using the Find box in the filter editor in Micro Strategy Desktop 8.0.1 against a DB2 Warehouse The data labels for any of the axes are rotated and saved in the Graph view of the Micro Strategy Desktop 7.x or 8.x report, the formatting of the data labels reverts back to the default position following re-execution.