Try to think about a friend of yours, or someone you know, who seems to just be effortlessly attractive. She just does her thing – she isn’t especially kind or generous, she doesn’t give guys special treatment or play games, and yet she seems to have no problem getting guys intrigued and wanting to chase her, to text her – she’s even had guys begging to lock her down and be exclusive.

Meanwhile, maybe you know someone else who is the opposite of this woman.

It’s not the magic bullet, but it’s the powerful weapon that all desirable people possess in their arsenal.

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So basically sorry to put you on blast MELISSA STERLING but ALL YOU ARE IS A BAD PERSON!!!!

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Melissa Sterling.

She is from California and all this wh*re does is bar hop every night to go find sugar daddy’s to buy her sh*t.See, there is no single method that will guarantee that a guy falls in love with you.There is, however, one secret that serves as the essential foundation for attraction, and without which you’ll never truly be able to keep a great guy interested.They’ll say that it just proves the old adage: They’ll conclude that the lesson is that a woman should actively try to be unavailable, indifferent, or even aloof to the charms of men in order to peak a guy’s interest.Which is an enormous mistake, because it means jumping straight from one unattractive behaviour (excessive people pleasing) straight to another (excessive coldness and game-playing).All the while they are missing the beautiful sweet spot in between these two extremes.