The following year, it was adapted into the 3D film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert and its accompanying soundtrack.

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Jesse and Oliver guest star in that episode and a Montage of pictures play at the end of the episode.

The first season of Hannah Montana commenced airing on March 24, 2006 and concluded on March 30, 2007 after broadcasting 26 episodes.

Though Miley initially feels uncomfortable with the changed dynamic of their friendship, she often helps the pair reconcile after arguing with one another.

Miley herself begins dating Jake again, but develops feelings for her bandmate Jesse.

All seasons of the show have been distributed on DVD.

The series received generally favorable reviews from critics, and has been recognized as a "guilty pleasure" by several media outlets.However, their briefly rekindled relationship ends after he struggles to adopt a normal, non-celebrity lifestyle, which Miley is concerned she will lose as a result of dating the actor.While Miley is off shooting a movie (a parody of Indiana Jones), Lilly and Oliver begin dating in the third season.She breaks up with him and soon starts to date Jesse.He admits that he discovered her secret by paying attention to her actions, and it begins to inconvenience her friends and family.After much deliberation, Miley reveals to Jay Leno's television audience that she is Hannah Montana.