Small wonder then that many people confuse “being a man” with “bullying”.This sort of behavior – where displays of “dominance” are equated with manliness – is wonderfully exemplified by the conservative media; Fox News, for example the idea of “traditional” masculinity and its attendant values, continually trying to demean progressives by comparing them to women.

Quite often you will also notice somebody who you think that you may have spoken to in the past; however as a rule they won't recognize your identity, unless of course they have engaged in lots of message passing before or they have had a live chat with you.

Even when somebody knows your voice, they might not need to have a chat with you ever again since they are encountering fresh callers where they can pretend to be somebody apart from whom they really are or who they've been before.

There's no limit to the roles that one could engage in while you're chattering on the .

Think about any kind of event which got you excited prior to now and make use of that for a prop.

Even the mildest of actions can be seen as bringing somebody’s masculinity into doubt and prompting them to flail about in an attempt to reaffirm their man credentials.

In fact, a research study at UC Berkeley has found that when men feel that their masculinity has been threatened, they overcompensate in response by doubling down on stereotypical masculine traits – especially in areas that involve demonstrations of male dominance and homophobia.

This need to continually reaffirm one’s masculine credentials means that you literally cannot relax; you are forever in danger of having your own man-card taken away by other men.

It creates a culture where the need to assert power over others is all-important, even when those others are just glowing phosphors on a monitor.

Moreover, men whose masculine identity was threatened were found to feel more guilty, ashamed and – critically – writes something vaguely critical about men or masculinity, the reflexive response is almost always for men to lash out.

Witness the hue and cry every time Antia Sarkeesian releases a new Tropes vs.

The men get labeled as “pussies” or “manginas” (being a fake male is even worse than being a woman, after all) or are told that they’re just bitter and envious of their betters.