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That's why PACE launched the workshop last year."It's the one reason we really wanted to provide this service," said Dilley.

"We saw that the older adults who engaged in sex work hadn't filed their taxes because sex work was criminalized."They didn't have any safety net for retirement, because they weren't paying into CPP which is something most Canadians rely on."The CRA has a tax code number for sex workers — 892100 — which is also is used by online psychics, party planners and personal shoppers.

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Her lush lips form an O of delight as she rides her personal stud, but that's not quite enough to get this babe off."We know from research and our lived experience in Vancouver what happens to sex workers when we stigmatize them and treat them like non citizens — they end up falling through the cracks and being victims of serial killers."We really want sex workers to know that there's a place for them in society ...and that they are valued individuals, just like anyone else."An anonymous donor has stepped forward to cover the costs of tax preparations for PACE clients this year."We had dominatrixes, cam workers, we had escorts and dancers." Sex work exists in a legal grey area in Canada.While the work itself isn't against the law, purchasing sexual services is.The workshop makes clear to those who may be reluctant to file a tax return, due to fear or the stigma surrounding sex work, that privacy laws prohibit the CRA from sharing information it collects, including with police, immigration or border agents.