Most employers will not refuse to consider you again if you turned down an offer.

Part of my reason for asking is that several years ago I was offered a job and declined it, then later applied at the same company and was told by HR that they don’t reconsider you once you have declined an offer. Am I making a mistake by interviewing when I’m not sure I want this particular job?

How many times can you turn down an offer before a company stops pursuing you? There are some companies that have that as an across-the-board policy, but that’s weird and misguided.

(It does not say in the job posting that the phone interviews will be unscheduled.) Most people who are called don’t answer, and the manager leaves a voicemail message, so some get in contact later on to schedule an interview.

If they do answer, however, the hiring manager explains who he is, asks the applicant to provide a brief introduction, then proceeds into a series of in-depth technical questions, and wraps up by letting the applicant know he’ll be in touch if they passed.

I distanced myself considerably and have made excuses to socialize with her only in coworker groups right after work.

However, the more I pull back, the more she acts like we are friends.

But given her behavior, you might be better off just continuing to be consistently polite but distant, not accepting any of her invitations, and hoping that she’ll eventually back off. Calling candidates without warning for surprise phone interviews Our department has been growing rapidly this past year, and we’ve been scrambling to hire a number of new specialized analysts.

As part of the interview process, the hiring manager cold calls applicants who have sent in cover letters and resumes.

Not 100% — they could wow me and convince me it would be a great opportunity.

My concern is that if I interviewed for this job and turned it down, they would refuse to interview me again.

Now she’s saying she wants to “respect my boundaries,” so let’s just go get lunch since I can’t do all-day outings.