The problem with Subi's is they block the surrounding parking in an attempt to force you to use valet. Note to Subi's management: I'm not the only one who has an issue with the valet bit. im looking to spend some money on the best ones i can find. Was there 5 weeks ago n gave a great Bach party for my friend. But now I will not be back n bad review to anyone who wants to know. The ATM also charges a service charge, but we always come prepared with cash to avoid this at all costs.

I meant to say in my previous comment: "Honestly, no one cares about a car if it isn't theirs". (im from chicago) Im not a huge fans of strip clubs but i do have a desire for latinas, mexicans etc. But; Some of the management don't know what a customer is !!!! About every 10 minutes, you'll be approached by a tissue-chested waitress trying to sweet talk you into buying a shot of watered down liquor.

There's no such thing that "stereotypic" Uzbek woman.

It is said that Tashkent has a booming underground prostitution industry.

oh PLEASE play some country music like Faith Hill, Billy Ray, Kenny Rogers etc... lot's a bullshit posted online about eddie but we know it's all tabloid fodder...

Can the dancers here wear thongs that one of us men bring them if it is still in its original new unopened plastic?

You will be haggled to death to spend extra money on private lap dances or very expensive drinks.

The last time I parked there he or someone went through my glove compartment and console. Rumors have it that it's the house mom ripping the girls off'. I've only been there on a weekend night, where strippers are numerous and diverse. That was the last time I heard a woman say slender women look like 12 year old boys. Both shifts are full of beautiful women but I work nights so days is my only option for now. If the valet weren't there, you'd be parking right in the bar's lot, next to the club. Anyway, little skinny petite waitress was great, not too expensive, and things ended up just fine with my private dance... Private VIP rooms are the best for dances but the semi private where nice too for a warm up and to get erotic dances Prices are very fair. Then when I visit wow you will feel energetic/refresh and ready for my vip. https:// I know a overweight lady about a size 16 or 18 and she hated her ex-bf's new younger sexier girlfriend. They drink with me dance for me and remember my name. I hate to be too judgemental on the nasties, as I do think all women are beautiful, but it can really kind of sour things up sitting by the stage. Small, greedy, short-sighted thinking that prevents a lot of customers from hanging out there often - or for long. She is friendly, dances to rock, slaps her ass, shows a good time in VIP and loves what she does. The talent here seemed to be going downhill anyways. He gets pissed off at you for not parking on the lot. Someone keeps stealing $ from the girls lockers in the dressing room even though the lockers are locked. It's much better than Henry VIII's but will cost you a few extra dollars. They have no business charging that much in a place like this. Seeing him park patron cars on the street instead of the lot was the last straw. I've been here a few times with friends, and it's typically a normal and mostly enjoyable experience for a Downriver stripclub. -12 for a weak, watered down 8 oz glass - even during the day. I know of one couple that has a kid cuz of one of her lap dances. I haven't been there since the valet partioned off lots and parts of the street with orange cones.