Did you think that this song had such hit potential when you wrote and then recorded it?

Or, did the video make you think that it could become really big?

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As previously reported, comic rapper Lil Dicky celebrates his first top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, as "Freaky Friday," featuring Chris Brown, debuts at No. The song surges after the March 15 release of its official video.

Its premise borrows from the body-switching movie In Lil Dicky's version, he self-deprecatingly basks in the benefits of temporarily becoming Chris Brown, while Brown gasps at the realization that he's assumed Lil Dicky's form.

Of course, having Chris Brown, DJ Mustard and Benny Blanco involved (the latter two hitmakers co-wrote and co-produced "Friday") didn't hurt …I haven't put any music out in three years, and I really wanted to challenge myself to make something impactful.

I think the video helped take it over the top, for sure.

But, I hope my strengths as a human being make up for it. Other than Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled and Kendall Jenner, anyone else with whom you'd like to switch bodies? I'm such a big basketball fan, and to be in his body for a day, and be able to just dunk at will, have that level of court awareness, and size, oh my goodness, that would be a treat. Being the best quarterback of all time, and then being married to one of the most prolific supermodels of all time, not a bad person to be.

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