This is an operational principle of existence, where the participant/ observer determines the event.

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Five channelings were from trips abroad to sacred sites in Mexico, Egypt, Greece, and two visits to Bali; and eight from specific threehour sessions offered around the USA.

At times, if I stopped to logically think about doing this book, I would feel overwhelmed with the enormity of the material.

The idea gave us great peace, and seemed a whole lot easier than facing the monumental stack of papers containing transcribed Pleiadian potpourri.

I always knew that once I had a cover for this Living Library story, the book would follow and the pages would fall into line.

However, I had accomplished so very many things without the slightest knowledge as to what I was about, that now, this faith in the process of not knowing sustains me! This faith, held by Karen and Tera as well, and a belief in my commitment to bring the book into form, kept me going.

The P's, of course, were at the helm, guiding and intriguing the entire freewill process, notching their subtle signature on life's events - dignified, understated, and always there.

The P's, as they speak through me, teach through humor, paradox, innuendo, contrast, compassion, and a masterful use of confounding statements and ideas.

They convey their energy and essence of intent so well in the spoken form.

It was to contain twelve chapters and would be designed to deliver the reader deeper into the experience of the "influence of twelve." The Pleiadians maintained that we were bound within twelve, so to discover more, we could use the binding itself to evolve.

The main body of information was to come from thirteen sessions delivered in 19.

Early on, I divined that this book, which was to be about the Living Library and still had no title, was indeed in existence somewhere in the future.