Libraries have been searched for pictures, documents, and plans.

Land records have been carefully scrutinized and old existing landmarks studied.

The Virginia Company brought Polish and Dutch colonists within the first year of settlement.

The first documented Africans were brought to Jamestown in 1619.

One of the best places to take a date is Old Town Alexandria, which is a historic district full of landmarks. Lee grew up here, and you can find a weekly farmer’s market in Market Square. Williams Public High School was the inspiration for the movie “Remember the Titans”, and it is also the home of Jim Morrison of The Doors and Cass Elliott and John Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas.

Strolling through the different stands is fun and a great way to step back into the past (especially if you pretend that you’re wearing clothes from the 1800s). Some of the most beautiful sites in the East are near Alexandria, such as Monticello, Jamestown, and Williamsburg. Vernon, George Washington’s famous home, is just a short drive away from downtown Alexandria.

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in what is now the United States, and was named for King James I of England.

The Jamestown Settlement was established on the James River about 40 miles upstream from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay on May 24, 1607.Jamestown suffered many hardships, including warfare between the colonists and Indians, and the deaths of many English men and women from starvation and disease.Jamestown ceased to be a town by the mid 1700s, but the government, language, customs, beliefs, and aspirations of these early colonists are part of the heritage of the United States today.Its residents drifted away, its streets grew silent, its buildings decayed, and even its lots and former public places became cultivated fields. So it was when it became a historic area, in part, in 1893, and when the whole island became devoted to historical purposes in 1934.Since these dates, the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities and the National Park Service have worked toward the preservation of all that still exists of old Jamestown, and are dedicated to learning its story more completely.Jamestown served this colony as its place of origin and as its capital for 92 years—from 1607 to 1699.