So, where can you find real plus size curvy babes from Ukraine for dating and marriage?

Obviously you need a big and popular website with a substantial gallery to choose either a slightly curvy or chubby plus size girl to get acquainted with.

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"Big girls, you’ve got more admirers than you think." Log onto the Woo Plus website and this statement is one of the first things you're likely to see, as well as a background featuring numerous photos of attractive, curvy women.

The message is simple, welcoming and embodies the entire premise of the dating app, which is designed to connect "big beautiful women, dadbod and plus size singles." The idea came about after a You Tube video detailing a social experiment (featured above) made the rounds online.

After all, as Li points out, not every person looking for love necessarily has a 'but it must come in a size eight' clause attached.

"We know full well there are a lot of plus sized women who are absolutely adored because of their larger size," Li said.

Says Li: ‘We’re just trying to provide a comfortable environment for women who happen to be a little larger.

Regardless the modern stereotypes of slim and fit women to be in fashion, a big part of men find curvy and chubby girls more sensual and sexually attractive, preferring them to leaner ones.

All the Ukrainian and Russian ladies differ in their appearance — there are blonds, brunettes, auburn and redheads among them, they have their hair straight and there are many beautiful curly girls, when it is so hard not to dip your fingers into those soft locks.

No matter if your lady is tall or short, if her eyes are blue, green or hazelnut-brown, she will definitely catch your attention and you will never pass her by when your eyes are glued to the ample curves of her exquisite body.

"We went with the Tinder formula because obviously it works for them," Li said.

"Though we tend to be more focused around body positivity.

When imagining their happiness, those women draw a cozy nice house filled with children's laughter and smells of a tasty dinner cooked with love.