Even though it is still not possible to predict about the future accurately but we definitely are in a state to explore our past and find answers relating our history significantly.

One such rigorous research has found out a lot of the answers regarding our past.

India, the land of sages, ancient sciences, culture, civilization and what not, is still struggling to prove its past.

When the period was calculated, it gave the time of birth of Shri Ram on 10 January, 5114 BC. All the subsequent observations of the mentioned events in Valmiki Ramayan and other references in the life of Shri Ram matched perfectly, that too in chronological order.

The astronomical references in Rig-Veda dates back to about 7000 BC when the skyviews were generated.

The western influence on our history is such that we never even tried to dig our past and find our roots.

In one of his speeches, the present National Security Advisor, Shri Ajit Doval said that history favours only the powerful. It never goes with those who are true but less powerful. Our history was written when the English were ruling India.

This research was carried out by Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas (I-SERVE), Delhi Chapter.

It took the pain to perform extensive research by applying and coordinating seven different sciences together.They took the help of archaeological, anthropological, paleobotanical, geological, ecological, oceanographic and remote sensing evidences along with the help of astronomy and astrophysics.The team started its research in different fields and it took them more than half a decade to arrive at a conclusion which was quite stunning.It was presented in a way they wanted it to be presented.They, as obvious now, were a bit apprehensive to write the actual history.They said the Dravidians were pushed back to South India once the Aryans came to India.