In the same regard, if you make promises or commitments, are you a man of your word?

What women find attractive isn’t just how good your relationship with them is.

The truth is, they are looking for one key thing: Do you respect women, if so how do you treat them?

Let’s face it, all humans desire a sense of purpose and a bit of adventure.

It’s what keeps relationships interesting, not boring.

Women are attracted to men who are organized and have plans for their future.

It doesn’t mean you need a color coated daily planner, it simply means you have goals, and you’re working towards them.Are you calm, patient and a kind gentleman around rude and erratic women, you honestly can’t stand?Or do you get weak minded, easily stressed out, and loss all self-control instead?Just by being in a relationship, you’re going to grow yourself as a person. Walk around in jeans and tee for a day, then go out in a suit, you will undoubtedly get more positive attention and respect while wearing the suit. Women spend an hour or often longer in the bathroom getting dressed in the morning…It’s understatement to say that women care about fashion and style; some are obsessed with it.His relationship with mom, female relatives, and other women Consider how you treat other women in your life.