Some legislative support is needed in rolling out soccer at high school level as significant blockages needed to be addressed.

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The Association would exhibit why it currently had challenges in establishing women’s soccer teams and were pleading for support from the Committee in that regard.

There were 343 local football associations from 32 regions associated with SA Football Association.

The technical centre would have eleven football fields and a specific research medical centre.

Additionally, it would retain the resort site which currently accommodated about 200 people.

SA Football Association had been trying in the interim to engage SA Schools Football Association unsuccessfully.

SA Football Association’s ambition was to have a safe hub in every district (44 in total) and seven safe hubs in each metropolitan (56 in total) by 2030.

Could the names of said officials be made available?

It also said that the Association also had to strengthen its regulations on the purchase of foreign players by Premier Soccer League teams as that had an adverse effect on the development of local football.

The Committee wanted to know what the relationship between SA Football Association and the Premier Soccer League was like to date.