Note that I said “made myself,” because I know how challenging this is!

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Suddenly the tables are turned and you are no longer being pursued by them like those giddy, heady, times when you first met and he made you feel like the centre of his universe, and instead, when you pursue him despite him having a lukewarm or cold front and him disrespecting you and your boundaries, you become the pursuer, and no matter what takes place after this, you are the Fallback Girl that is pursuing her idea of the relationship and him, that is beyond the capacity of what he has to offer, and he is just the passive, lazy, Mr Unavailable who is along for the ride because you keep pursuing and you keep offering yourself.

In being ‘the pursuer’, you have become so heavily invested in the idea of him and the relationship that the reality of who he is has not caught up with the fantasy created by your betting on potential.

Or, he’ll leave you alone; and you’ll find out he wasn’t worth your time and heart anyway. And since you were keeping your options open, you have a number of other suitors who are happily standing by. It worked so well for me that I decided to create my e Book so I could share what I learned with women like you.

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I’d try to do it in, what I thought, was a non-pressuring way.

I’d ask him things out of “curiosity” or “caring.” Or just because my schedule was so busy that “I needed to know how to plan my week.”One of the things I discovered, and made myself do, in order to get out of this self-destructive pattern was four words: Instead of waiting around for a man to make plans or sit around analyzing why he’s constantly coming forward and then moving away, I started going on casual dates with several different men.

No matter how brokenhearted or confused you might feel right now, I know that what you learn in my e Book will help you create the committed relationship you deserve.

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As I mentioned before, when Mr Unavailables use blowing hot and cold to maintain The Status Quo, it sends a signal to us to prove ourselves to them and also turn up the drama meter.

The only reason why a woman pursues a man who is a total flip-flapper who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow is because she has low self-esteem and is afraid to let go of the idea of him and the relationship and accept the reality.

Then, suddenly, he doesn’t call as often as he used to. Or when he’s with you, you sense he’s not really there, and it hurts.